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b2 B2. Intermedio avanzado - Usos y diferencias entre palabras
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Alike - Like


This word functions as both an adjective and an adverb. As an adjective, it means similar or the same. For example:

  • The prices for natives and tourists are alike.
  • This hotel and that hotel are alike.

Keep in mind that...

Whenever you use alike as an adjective, you can do it only after verbs like beseem, or look, but not before a noun. 


We could use like as a preposition to mean that something has similarity to something else.

  • My cousin is like my brother.
  • Maria's eyes are like mine.
  • Lima's cathedral is like Mexico's cathedral.

We could qualify the similarity using words like a bit, very, or little. For example:

  • This coffee tastes a little like my mom's coffee.
  • That hotel room is very much like a royalty room. 

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