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Use of English section tools

In your exam, you will have to use vocabulary and dialogue related to your daily life activities, especially in your Speaking interview and the Use of English sections.

You may find on the internet a lot of resources to improve your use of English.

Here, we are going to talk about some tools you can use to get better at this language and to present an excellent English Certification Exam.

  1.  Dictionaries:

    Your first ally on your path to learning any language.

    Dictionaries are the first tool you meet when you start learning a second language. They provide many important details about the words that make up the language. You can rely on this tool to clear any doubt, and even, to get better communication in real-life scenarios, like trips.

    You can use our 1000 most used words of the English language dictionary. Just click the image below!

  2. Grammar guides:

    Although you are not going to answer any direct questions about grammar in this section of the exam, you will need to use all your knowledge in this area. What you have learned about English grammar will be the key to answering all of the questions correctly.

    Practice and learn about this area by clicking the image below.

  3. Approach any Demo Test:

    Almost all of the examiners offer their candidates many demo tests and information for them to practice.

    Try searching the web to find any of those practice tests so that you won't have any surprises on your exam day.

    If you want more information about the type of questions given in this section, visit our lesson 2 and, if you want to know more about the exams, review our lesson 1. There, you will also find the links to each examination center presented in this level.

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