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c1 C1. Avanzado - ¿Cómo escribir correctamente?
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Types of writing

There are four main types of writing: expositive, narrative, descriptive, and persuasive. Let's learn what the purpose of each type is:

In the exams, you will be expected to be able to write in each of these writing styles.

Let's learn more about these writing styles.

  1. Expositive:

    This type of writing has one purpose: to explain or inform about a fact, theory, or hypothesis without including the personal opinion of the writer. Whether it’s an article, essay, summary, or some other type of text, the facts or ideas will always be given on an explanatory and precise way.

    This type of writing should be structured to explain the main idea in a logical and sequential way.

    Examples of this type of writing include receipts, history books, scientific, business, or technical articles, and even step-by-step or "how-to" articles.
  2. Narrative:

    This type focuses on developing a story that can be either fictional or based on real facts. Here, the author has complete freedom to decide how the story will be told: if it will be a flashback or chronological; if it will use active or passive voice; if it will be a short story, a chronicle, a poem, a novel, or a biography. It all depends on the author's preferences.
  3. Descriptive:

    Descriptive writing incorporates precise details on a character or fact. Its purpose is to “paint a picture” of an event, character, situation, place, etc., to help the reader visualize it.

    We can find this type of writing in poetry, naturalism texts, or narration in film and TV.
  4. Persuasive:

    This argumentative writing attempts to convince the reader of the author’s point of view or perspective. In order to do that, it will use various arguments to reinforce its ideas to persuade the reader to agree with it. It usually has a clear call to action to the reader. Advertising, recommendation or complaint letters, reviews, and newspaper opinion columns (among others) may use persuasive writing.

Keep in mind that you may be required to write any type of text.

If you write something using one or more of these writing styles, you will be able to show the examiner that you are a prepared candidate.

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