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Reading techniques

Usually, a reading exercise is indicated by the simple eye movement over the text while trying to figure out each letter, syllable, word, phrase, sentence, and so on until we can get a clear idea of what we are watching.

However, not every text has the same reading rhythm. Because of these differences, various reading techniques have evolved that we may consciously or unconsciously use with the text we see every day.

If we understand these techniques, we can better internalize everything we read.

Let's review some techniques and how they work.

  1. Intensive

    This technique’s methodology is focused on short but complete texts, which means readers have an advanced or specialized reading level.
  2. Extensive

    This technique is related to reading for enjoyment. In this method, someone can read as much as they want. This way, they can be exposed to a large quantity of vocabulary and grammar structures that vary from regular slang to specific or academic language for enhanced verbal fluency.
  3. Scanning

    This is the reading format we use every time we read. It is based on focused exploration. It is the type of technique we apply whenever we search for a word in the dictionary or look at a phone contact list.

    With this technique, readers must look for details, facts, names, or dates that may be important. A good approach here is to read all of the questions before reading the document. The eye should move swiftly over the text looking for the details to help find the answers.

  4. Skimming

    This technique is related to searching for the main idea of a text in a short way, with an emphasis on the first and last paragraphs of a text. With this technique, readers scan the text at four times the speed of other methods.

    It is effective with documents and long text. Because it is intended to identifying headings, sentences, and keywords, it is not necessary to read each word. It is also helpful to read the questions first to know what to look for.

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