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Understanding the Use of English section

The first thing you will see is the instruction guide. In there you can find the specific details of this section of the exam, like the estimated time, number of questions and general directions of how you should approach the test.

If the test chooses to combine the Reading and Use of English sections, you won’t see the difference between each section. All the parts that compound the test will be related so you can use both communication skills at once.

For example, if one of the parts is about a text with missing words, you won’t only use your reading skills to understand what you are reading. You will also have to use what you have learned in grammar to choose the correct word and use it in the sentence appropriately.

Here is an example:

If the exam has divided the Reading and Use of English parts, you may find questions more specific to comprehending the use of english, like:

  • Word matching: where you must choose a synonym for the word given.

  • Word Usage: where you must complete a sentence by choosing the correct word from the options given.

    No matter which type of questions you have to answer, it is important to read both the questions and the answer sheets carefully.

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