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c1 C1. Avanzado - ¿Cómo escribir correctamente?
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Writing efficiently

Being a good writer requires time and perseverance. When you practice those habits, you can learn from your mistakes and continually improve your writing.

At first, it might seem complicated, and even monotonous, but it is important to be persistent in your learning.

So let's see what you should and shouldn't do during your writing exam.

Be prepared

  • Start studying each of the writing structures intently: how they work and what their purposes are.
  • Practice. This way, you will know what your strengths and weaknesses are.
  • Don't stop learning. Try not to become complacent based on the things you’ve already learned. The goal is to be able to compose any text without problems.
  • Remember, until the moment of the exam, you will not know which type of text you will have to write.

Get familiarized

It is important to identify and understand the structure of the different writing styles. Writing an email to a client is different from writing an academic essay.

Yes, both styles share some basic traits like grammar; both have a main idea, a precise message, and a series of ideas that will be developed in different ways. But since the situations are different, they require different approaches to writing.

Overcome writer’s block

If anxiety attacks, the best way to reduce it is to take a deep breath and be calm. Then, you can start writing down all the ideas that come to mind that are relevant to the task you are working on. This is known as "brainstorming," and it can help you overcome writer’s block.

Try not to discard any of those ideas until you are sure of the text you are going to write. One of them may be the perfect argument or closing quote of your document.

Organize your thoughts

Make a writing plan. You can start by asking yourself some questions like "how long is the introduction going to be?" Or "how many ideas do I want to explore?" Organize your thoughts hierarchically: from the main idea to the secondary ideas that will develop and support your argument.

Keep in mind that each task must be completed within a specific word length. Composing efficiently is not something you achieve overnight or by magic. Just like any other exercise, it requires effort and dedication.

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