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Important features about Use of English section

Usually, you will find questions that have to do with daily life.

Some examples of these topics are a business meeting, a medical situation, and even issues around law and management English.

Since these certificate exams are intended to test how much you understand and how much can you develop in the English language, they will always be contextualized in everyday life; for example, places or experiences that connect to what you have lived and learned.

Advice to achieve better results on English exams

With this in mind, let's see some important advice at the moment of presenting your Use of English test, so you can achieve better results!

  • Do not worry about the number of questions you will have to answer. At first glance, it might seem to be an endless test, but once you get to know the different topics and types of questions, the list will be reduced.
  • If by any chance you get blocked while answering a question, keep going to the next one. Once your mind has changed its focus, come back to the question and try to answer it again.
  • Try to rest your brain one day before the test, especially during this part. If you oversaturate yourself with related information, you may get confused and fail your exam.

Keep calm and maintain your confidence in what you know. After all, that is what the test is all about!

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