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Use of english exercises

Test your Use of English skills, based on what you have learned during this lesson, especially on Page 4

The following test demo will have two of the three parts learned on the previous page. Let’s start!

Part 1

Word formation

For questions 1 - 5, read the text below. Use the keyword given to form and write a word that fits in the blank of the same line.

Click the button "practice" to start:

Part 2

Word usage

For questions 6 - 10, choose the correct word from the options given, for each numbered blank:

"Thanks to water force (6).............. either from waves or waterfall, energy can be created.

As an example of the (7).............. of hydraulic energy, there are hydroelectric power plants built in different rivers around the world.

This type of energy is almost inexhaustible, which makes it (8).............. than wind energy and, in the energy production process, doesn't generate any sound (9)..............

However, the construction of reservoirs and dams may have a considerable environmental impact, since they can disturb the (10).............. of the place where they are created, affecting flora and fauna, small landowners and even people who use the tapped water sources."

Click the button below to access to the answer sheet:


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