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What do they assess?

This section assesses your ability to use and understand English grammar and vocabulary.

Keep in mind that there won't be direct grammar questions; you will only be assessed on the practice and daily use of the language. For example, if there is an incomplete text with missing words, you will have to select the correct adjective, noun, verb, etc., to complete the sentence., You may also have  to transform sentences, changing some of its components.

The time estimated for this part of the test varies according to the type of test that the candidate is taking.

It is important to keep in mind that in some exams, this section is mixed with the reading assessment, and therefore, its score and length varies. However, the evaluation goals don't change.

You will find different types of questions throughout this section, like multiple choice-cloze, or texts with missing words.

That is why the "Use of English" section measures your knowledge through questions that are related to your work, study or maybe hobbies.

Some important features are:

  • Its structure may vary according to the type of question as well as the purpose of the question.
  • Some exams are given online, and others, in person.  This feature doesn't affect the final score or the general exam quality; it just depends on the examiners' assessment process.

If you prefer to take your exam on your own time, and you do not need to be certified by any entity in particular, you can choose which of these exams is the best for you.

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